“A righteous man falling down before the wicked is as a troubled fountain, and a corrupt spring.” (Proverbs 25:26)

Many people live their lives in a state of denial, especially in this economy and stressful times.  Denial is one of the top sabotaging strategies people use. Many times this state of denial is tied into the “rescue me, please” self-defeating behavior.  At the base of denial is deep rooted shame. There is an internal shame of something that you don’t want anyone to see or know about you so you cover it up with denial.  For them to see or know this about you would imply that you are “less than” or “unworthy” in their eyes.  However, that is strictly your interpretation and has little to do with truth.
Denial is at the base of eating problems, financial problems, relationship problems and work/career problems. People are so overwhelmed with what is going on around them that they are not sure of what actions to take; and at its base there is a shame that they are covering up.
When you are in denial you give up your control. Are you in denial about your financial situation or your relationship? Maybe it’s your fear of success that you cannot quite seem to overcome. If you are stuck in life, chances are good denial is at the bottom of it.  The best thing you can do for yourself is to be authentic and own yourself-defeating behaviors.  You have to own them, expose them so that you can re-write them, for God wants you to step into the “good life” where there is abundance, riches, peace, joy, happiness, success and prosperity.  This is the portion that God has for you.  This is the path that Father wants you to follow.  Leave behind the self-defeating behaviors, come out of the shadows of denial and step into the manifold blessings and riches of God.

At this very moment, God has an extraordinary plan for your life. A life where you can flow with no disruptions nor trauma. Its up to you to accept this gift which we call God’s plan. Walk in the door my brothers and sisters..Blessings!

Years of Planning the Blueprint



“Thou hast broken down all his hedges; thou hast brought his strong holds to ruin.” (Psalm 89:40)
I know you have heard the phrase, “Even the best laid plans can go wrong.” Isn’t it amazing how one mistake can cost so dearly. Just being a fraction off could cause a bridge to collapse. In spite of all of the planning, and meetings, and agendas, and to-do lists, the truth of the matter is, all it takes is one mistake and you could lose it all.
The Holy Spirit wants us to have good habits in order to create wealth, but bad habits can also ruin a lifetime of work. The Holy Spirit is saying, “Put the brakes on before it is too late.” What I need you to do right now is take a look at what you have accomplished. Now, ask yourself the question, is it worth losing it all? Well, let me answer that for you, NO! The grass is not always greener on the other side. Stop comparing yourself to friends, family members and colleagues. You have a wonderful life! Do not mess it up.
“When you want something in life, you have to focus and take heed to the things that heart desires.”

Do You Know Miracles?

I found this article and read over it which was quite intriguing and inspirational. I hope it touches you just like it touched me. Blessings!
Do You Know Miracles?  

People say to me, when I’m telling my life struggles and amazements, “Oh yes, I know.” And what I want to say is “Really? Do you really know?” Do you know expectations, like those that come home from the hospital with that beautiful baby of what his future holds? Do you know what it is to have those expectations crossed off one by one or all at once, only to have them replaced by new ones?

Oh yes, you know expectations, but do you know hope? Do you know achievements, with all their hard work and determination, big or small or somewhere in between? Do you know what it is to spend hours on each and every baby step?

Oh yes, you know achievement, but do you know triumph? Do you know teachers and aides who give their all every day for the time they are with your child as well as hours after in planning and preparation? Do you know what it is to put 6 hours of effort into 40 minutes of success?

Oh yes, you know teachers, but do you know heroes? Do you know patience, and the endurance of cleaning up spilled milk every day for years and not crying over it or wondering if he’s doing it on purpose? Do you know what it is after years of getting milk all over your hands to go nine whole days without a single drop of milk getting spilled.

Oh yes, you know patience but do you know joy? Do you know judgment, good or bad, in the looks of others as you help your child navigate his day? Do you know what it is to rise above the scorn and scowls and do what needs to be done when your child is having a “moment”?

Oh yes, you know judgment, but do you know strength? Do you know Christmas, and all its miracles and everything it stands for, or perhaps another holiday held sacred to you? Do you know what it is to almost lose everything, even Christmas, in the blink of an eye, but to have it returned to you?

Oh yes, you know Christmas, but do you know gratitude? Do you know love, and the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with snuggling with your child when he’s getting ready for bed? Do you know what it is to read all the reports, and watch your child “blow it” at another chance at a relationship and significantly impact your relationships as well, and to love him anyway?

Oh yes, you know love, but do you know unconditional love? Do you know serenity, and security in watching your child sleep, knowing they are home in your safe and loving care? Do you know what it is just hours before to have the entire Police Department and all of your friends driving around looking for your child while you pray he’s not broken in the middle of the road?

 Oh yes, you know serenity, but do you know peace? Do you know words, and the power of communication and emotion they create, especially those four amazing ones that tug at your heart? “I love you Mommy.” Do you know what it is to wait for years to hear any words and even longer to hear those magic words?

Oh yes, you know words, but do you know miracles?


Lily Belland is mother to four children, including Patrick an 11 year old with autism. She works part-time as a Rehab Aide and is currently going to University towards a B.Ed degree. She hopes one day to open a therapy and respite centre for other individuals with autism. You can contact Lily at

Being Yourself Gets You to See Clearly

Welcome back my friends and family. Its been a while since I last posted on my blog. However I’m glad to be back to give you the latest details and happenings of me. To many days I have forgiven the one person I love but she just don’t seem to understand me and my dreams.

Sometimes I wish I had the support I really prayed for and that I have not found when it came to my parents. They never understood following your heart and doing what inspires you. As I type from line to line the understandings will come to sink in from your brain what I been going through for the past years. No mommy, no daddy and especial no spiritual understandings of what God is and what bad message a religion will deliver to you. For years I could see her cry and notice how strong she believe in her faith. Ladies in Gentlemen, she still believes that God will give her a dream that she doesn’t have to work to obtain.

Sorry to say this however that is simply ludacris. A complete waste of life and no experience to fullness of what life has to offer. Waiting for a fallen star and not moving to pursue it. Yes they and others fallens have been lied to over the years of what God intentionally is. I would say that church is about fellowship but understandign God is what we see outside of a building.

In conclusion, I would say that later in life when I have kids I would understand their creativity. I would let them grow into what they find hot and let them be themselves. That piece of information is what my siblings was afraid of. To be afraid of what’s outside the world and be sheltered forever. Be yourself and don’t let them critters tell you no different

Let’s Dig Deeper by Sending Angel Messages”

Angels are magnificent in spirit and visual.  Some people have lived to experience the beauty of recognizing their angels and contacting them on the regular. The questions that goes through people minds is, ” Are angels really there to help us? Can they protect us from dangers? Can they help us follow a path of righteousness?” These are the questions and the many others that comes to mind when we think about them.

Last week, I had my mind set up to do what my flesh wanted instead what was best for me. I learned a big secret during that week. Never do things on your own will but ask for guidance and then react.  During the week I landed an opportunity that I had went after on my own will power. I later discovered the opportunity wasn’t the right thing for me. The business proposition was not something that made me happy. When Iwas offered with the opportunity to defining me, psychically I sense that it wasn’t going to work out when my guides told me the answer. I did not want to accept it. I should of bailed out then when I had the hunch. However I had to learn a grand lesson that going on your own will only leads you to pain and misery. Without prayer and direction only lead a blind man to figuratively think that a dream can not become a reality.  That’s how I felt  when things was not going my way. Patience was the key for me and careful way of thinking.

Later I went back to reflect and sat down to think about what mistake I made. Months ago I was given confirmation that the opportunity I was waiting on was going to be offered to me. However I thought moving on my own was the way to get things to move. Patience! I later had an email on how to connect to your angels. When I read the information I was once reminded of something I use to do a long time ago. The message was sending Angel messages. Today ladies and gentlemen, I will be showing you how to connect to your angels which will be listed below.

1. Grab a sheet of paper and pen

2. Write and word questions to angels in this order. The questions are listed below:

 ” Angels thank you and please assist me with the my career.”

“Angels thank you and please assist me with my business.”

 ” Angels thank you and please assist me with my finances.”

After you write your questions on a sheet of paper please fold the paper and then place it somewhere safe. A safe place where your hands can be at reach of it. Sit back and relax and let your angels do its job to help assist you with your struggles. I hope you understand  the concept of writing angel messages. After I written and kept that thought in my head an opportunity that I was waiting on came to me in no time. Was it by coincidence?  I don’ t think it was however I do know that this was a message to share with whom ever stop by to review this message. The Universe works in mysterious ways and you can not try to figure things but follow along. Accepting the mission is what makes you and the world go round. Like I always share in my message, ” God has a plan instore for you.”

In conclusion, be wise and learn to wait on God. Use the power of intuition, angels and spirit guides. Let them guide you to a place where you can call rest. I believe we can have much more in life if we can connect to spirit and not scattered our energies on other people way of thinking. Spiritualness helps to balance the physical world. Blessings to you all!

What’s the Meaning of being Green

Recently, I was addressed a few days ago about the word, ” Green.” For what I notice about the person addressing this to me for one do not have things resolve in his/her life. Not to be judgemental however how could you cast the stone in a person life and your doorway is not clear and recognizeable. Particularly their experiences are not thought out properly. It comes to just living and being there at the scene at whatever time.

In my mind I always thought life was well thought out when you experience like the fool that you would use in a tarot deck. When I talk to the newer generation today they would say,”  that everything is what it is.” Do you believe that whatever happens today in your life you weren’t the cause of it. Everything just happens due to the favorite phrase of time, ”  it is what is it is!” I believe that everything happens in a person life automatically happens without consent and giving it fruition. Meaning that we are the cause of our own struggles, downfalls by our choices. That is what we call free will. Living and accepting things at hand with choice and believing. See we see that word again. Believing is what we live by each day in order for something to work out the way we want it to happen.

When I was addressed about my very own experiences and that experimenting with life makes me become a ” Green” personality. Meaning that i’m easily to believe in anything that people say and that my downfalls makes me most vulnerable of being easy target. I believe that without knowing how could you show or share with anyone about experiences of experimentation. You can’t possibly share with others how you to take a different approach to life if you haven’t been an instrument to the struggles they are experiencing.

In closing, belief is one thing however its a blessing to experiment and know what the outcome could be. Without knowing can lead to darkness and what better way of putting things into perspective if you have not seen the possibilities of life. Experience is what makes life worth and enjoyable. Can the church say, ” Amen!”


This is an article I found interesting and thought maybe I can share with you guys about the importance of marketing and building financial freedom. Hope you enjoy!

 Recently, as I was cycling to my destination I passed this park. As I went by I heard this male voice. A man was training his young dog. With a clear, strong, yet tender voice, he was teaching his dog to sit and the dog did. With his leash on they walked a few steps and repeated the process. He praised his dog and I could see that the dog was very happy. The man was teaching the dog that it could be more. He taught the dog focus, discipline, and structure. What really struck me was that, he took the time. HE TOOK THE TIME.

As I continued along my journey I reflected on what I had witnessed. Thinking how he took the time. He was there. He was getting the most out of that dog. How lucky that dog was. How often do we take time to teach our own children? We constantly hear, “I’m so busy, I feel like I’m always running, I’m stressed.” Our modern world is so inundated with marketing and advertising that has one goal and one goal only. That is to make a product so attractive that the consumer feels a need or desire to possess it in order to feel fulfilled or popular.

Children and teens need to understand the powerful attraction that marketing can create. They have to learn to differentiate between what they truly need and what they want. We need to teach our children that advertising exists so people can make money. And because of that, advertisers use powerful methods to convince consumers to buy their products. We need to teach our children how media need paid advertising to stay on the air or to continue publishing. We need to show how advertising can make people want something even if they don’t really need it. We should discuss this when we or our loved ones are confronted by advertising whether on television, radio, in newspapers, magazines, or billboards. We should discuss how advertising tries to make you feel better about yourself if you buy a certain product, or convince you that other people will like you better or think you’re “cool”. We should explain that shopping should not be seen as a fun pastime, but rather something people do to buy items they need. Explain the differences between need and want.

Help your children observe how many times a day families are exposed to advertising. For example, there are ads on the sides of buses, in arenas, on radio and television, on billboards, at the movies and on the Internet. That when a television station or radio station tells you to tweak them or post to their Facebook site, that they are only doing so to create ‘traffic hits’ to their own site to help increase their revenue for future ads from other companies. Show that advertising tries to create an image of what a person should be or should look like, yet often this image does not reflect reality. Here is the alarming thing. Do we know the difference? We go back to “I’m so busy, I feel like I’m always running, I’m stressed.”

Most couples both work full-time these days (divorce rate is soaring to an all-time high; tag-team parenting). They are overwhelmed. Overwhelmed for the most part to pay their mortgage. Pay for the ‘stuff’ in their house. Pay for their vehicles. Pay for their clothes (look popular). For the most part, We don’t understand the values underlined. We are just children within adult faces!

 ABOUT THE AUTHOR Here Globally recognized and award-nominated engineer, producer, writer, poet and founder and C.E.O. of 5 Star Productions, Miles Patrick Yohnke brings many years of experience to the music industry; including many awards in sales and marketing. If you are looking at developing your career, Yohnke offers consulting in person, by phone or via email. For more info, please contact him


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